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Things to do

De Pluyme is situated in the center of the province of Western Flanders in Belgium. From here you can visit the art and historic cities, go to the coast, take bike tours through the “Polders”, the “Meetjesland”, along the canal to Ghent or Ostend.

You can enjoy the country side, but the city is never far away. This means that you can stay for a week and will never be bored.



The medieval city of Bruges is close by. You can go there by car or by bike. It's only 14 km away. Don't hesitate to ask for some tips if you are here.


A but further, but still close, you can visit the city of Ghent. Visit the old castle, the Museum of Contemporary Art (SMAK) or stroll through the city.


Almost an hour away you can find Brussels, the capital of Belgium and host to the European Institutions. Visit the Grande Place, the Bozar, the Musical Instruments Museum, the Marollen Quarter, The Atomium, ... There's a lot to see.

The Ypres Salient

An hour away you can visit the sites of the First World War. Visit Ypres, the cemeteries of Tyne Cot, Vladslo, Langemark, ...


Drive one hour to reach Antwerp. Antwerp has a big port and that you'll notice. It's a vibrant city with shops, musea, a night life, ...

The Belgian Coast

The Belgian coast is close by. Visit the mundane town of Knokke, the royal city of Ostend or the small towns of De Haan and Nieuwpoort. Also the Dutch coastal village of Cadzand is not far away.away